The world is faced with natural and man-made disasters, as well as emergency situations on a daily basis, which destroys human life, obliterates villages and towns, devastates countries to the brink of collapse, and leave survivors with little or no hope of rebuilding their lives. Throughout the world, people are suffering and dying from epidemics, famine, fires and floods, as well as medical emergencies. Although some countries and regions of the world are more prone to catastrophes, there is no method or means in which one can accurately predict where or when the next major disaster will occur.

During the decades of the 1980’s and 1990’s, literally thousands of disasters and emergencies occurred worldwide. The loss of life due to these disasters exceeded 1,800,000. During the decade of 2000, although all of the statistics have not yet been completed, it appears that more disasters and loss of life has occurred during this decade than the previous decades.

Millions of people were injured and displaced, hundreds of thousands were lost, and billions of dollars of property, gone forever. Many people and organizations throughout the world gave recovery assistance. However, because of the void in dedicated warehousing, coupled with no dedicated air transportation services of these supplies, as well as the inability to immediately transport relief personnel to the disaster areas, families, livelihoods, and resources were lost.

That’s where we come in. Mercy Airlift is the non-profit disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization that provides air transportation, emergency aid, medical services, recovery assistance, and sustainable human development programs to disaster victims and impoverished populations worldwide. And we’ve been providing this service for more than 31 years.

We also provide the necessary logistical and transportation services to other humanitarian organizations that help those in emergency situations.

At present time, Mercy Airlift is the only private humanitarian organization that has the ability to warehouse and directly transport relief personnel and supplies as needed to disaster and emergency sites when the disaster occurs.

With emergency and medical supplies stored in our warehouses, and dedicated aircraft which can be dispatched within hours of an emergency, Mercy Airlift will be able to respond immediately with humanitarian aid to disaster areas.

With our ability to provide the air and ground transportation of emergency relief supplies on short notice, we are able to dispatch loaded aircraft to the disaster site, as soon as the disaster is surveyed and the supplies and commodities required are established.

Since our beginning in 1968, we have delivered millions of pounds of food, supplies, medicine and medical equipment to disaster sites, worldwide. We transport materials such as wheat, rice, water, water purification equipment, sanitary supplies, vaccines, clothing, blankets, tents, and temporary housing materials as well as heavy equipment and machinery. Literally millions of lives from around the world have been touched by the courageous efforts of the volunteers of Mercy Airlift.

In so many cases over the years, families and children who have depleted their resources and had little chance left to survive, were reached just in time by the crews, the doctors and volunteer staff of Mercy Airlift. Whether they needed medical assistance and treatment, or the very basic necessities of water and shelter, we have been there in the darkest of hours, to bring healing and hope to those that had none.

When it’s time to depart, much stays behind – Vital supplies, equipment, new techniques, goodwill and more. We also continue to serve these people long after the initial impact of the disaster to ensure a sustainable recovery.

However, Mercy Airlift cannot do this alone. We continue to create “alliances” with individual partners, other humanitarian relief entities, churches, and fraternal organizations of diverse nature to assist in our humanitarian efforts and goals.

Most of the supplies and materials received by Mercy Airlift have been donated by generous and concerned manufacturers, suppliers, hospitals, and in the case of foods and seeds, from farming organizations and co-ops throughout the United States. These organizations are known as our “Corporate Supply Donors”.

Contributions of capital and gifts in kind have come from many of our Corporate Supply Donors, as well as many services organizations, grants from foundations, and from the general public, both corporate and individual. It’s the caring and generous giving of people that can help others in need. And Mercy Airlift is a reflection of those who care.

You too can be a part of our mission to help those less privileged, those who don’t know if there really is a life beyond their misery. Mercy Airlift is reaching thousands of people with the gift of life and a hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Somewhere in this world, someone’s life will be saved, because of the gift that you give today. Please join us and donate generously.

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