Disaster Relief Services

According to the statistics released by the United Nations, over 25,000 people worldwide die every day as a result of disasters such as famine and malnutrition. Add to that number, 12 to 16 other major natural disasters that occur every year, which also take thousands of lives, and you begin to understand and appreciate the important life-saving efforts of Mercy Airlift.

No one can predict when a major earthquake will strike a heavily populated area of the world, leaving thousands dead or homeless without the ability to recover their own. The economic loss often runs into the billions of dollars. Droughts, tsunamis, famines, fires, floods, explosions, and hurricanes all cause a tremendous loss of life and the ruin of already fragile economics.

Mercy Airlift has provided humanitarian assistance to disaster sites in over 60 countries, transporting millions of pounds of food, medical services and supplies, reconstruction supplies and equipment valued in the tens of thousands of dollars.
With our many years of disaster relief experience, we recognize that securing air transportation is the most critical problem in providing disaster relief and recovery services. For this reason, Mercy Airlift provides its own air transportation. This enables us to immediately respond to disaster areas and ensure direct onsite distribution of materials and supplies to the people in need.

We are the only humanitarian organization that provides complete logistical services and air transportation to other humanitarian organizations throughout the world. This dedicated service enables the quickest response for our own relief teams as well as other organizations that need prompt and efficient transportation.
Through our corporate sponsors, partners, individual supporters and volunteers, we have been able to source, secure, and replenish emergency supplies. These include food, medicine, temporary and permanent housing, as well as reconstruction equipment, educational, and agricultural supplies. The items and supplies are inventoried and maintained in our warehouse facilities, where they are ready to be quickly loaded aboard aircraft and transported to disaster and recovery sites as required.

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