Join The Mercy Force

Do you have the compassion, desire, and will to be a volunteer?

Volunteers are the backbone of Mercy Airlift, and everyday, they bring help, comfort, and life-changing solutions to millions of vulnerable people in need. They are affectionately known as the “Mercy Force.”

Being a volunteer with Mercy Airlift lets you see all parts of the world not many people have seen. It also gives you the opportunity to see and to know exactly how millions of other people live, and yes, how they exist in conditions we rarely hear or read about, much less see. It gives you the opportunity to be directly involved in saving thousands of lives.

Whether it’s disaster relief, providing medical services, medical equipment to hospitals and clinics, supplying food to starving people, or enriching the lives of thousands of people who are less fortunate, Mercy Airlift continues to provide these services and much more. And this is accomplished through our volunteers.

All of the services provided by Mercy Airlift require a great number of volunteers who willingly give of their time and energy, ensuring that the organization is always at the ready to provide missions of disaster relief, medical missions, and that continuing programs meet the needs of those less fortunate.

A disaster can strike at any time, and they come in many forms. But it’s the poor and misplaced people in developing countries who suffer the most; those who are least able to protect and provide for themselves during or after a major calamity. The impact of a disaster in developing countries is disproportionate to those in developed countries, and is often overwhelming.

When disaster strikes here in the U.S. or abroad, it is the quick response of our volunteers that lessens the hardship suffered by victims of these disasters.

Volunteer services are needed in all areas of our organization. Positions are available in administrative services, including office and clerical personnel, medical personnel, inventory management, medical equipment technicians, aircraft servicing and flight personnel, warehousing and facilities management.

Just think about it. You have the opportunity to join with hundreds of others, which together, gives us the opportunity to save thousands of lives, and to ease the burden of those who are in extreme need.

If you have the passion, and feel the call within you to help others by being a volunteer with Mercy Airlift, and you have the desire to work with others who have joined with us in helping those in times of despair, don’t put off what you can do today. Say to yourself, “I Can, I Will, and I Must”.

Print, fill out and mail our Volunteer Form (PDF)

To learn more about how you or your group (clubs, fraternal organizations, church groups, schools, etc.) can assist Mercy Airlift in providing its life saving, disaster relief flights please call us now, toll free at

You Can Make A Difference

Mercy Airlift, the worldwide humanitarian aid and logistics organization was established in 1968 for the purpose of bringing emergency relief for the immediate needs of human beings devastated by natural and manmade disasters. In addition to our own projects, Mercy Airlift plays an active role in providing air transportation and logistical services for other humanitarian organizations throughout the world.

Volunteer In Action

In the early 1970s, Mercy Airlift dispatched aircraft to Ethiopia for a period of 27 months where we flew thousands of pounds of food supplies to feeding stations in severe famine afflicted areas. We also established small remote medical clinics and provided medical teams and supplies to assist in the health and recovery of thousands of malnourished and forgotten people.

All of this was accomplished through individual and corporate donors, as well as a ground swell of volunteers from around the globe.

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